Monday, January 7, 2008

Not Into Nuggets

So last night I was idly watching television and I swore I saw Napoleon Dynamite wrapping about McDonald's nuggets. I saw the commercial again later and saw the caption "Actual user generated content" which explains the poor video quality. But, since then, the song has been stuck in my head! I guess that's probably the point of advertising -- except, I won't be eating any nuggets in the near future.

Ten nuggets, fries and a drink. According to McDonald's website, the nuggets themselves have 26g of carbs plus 2.5g of trans fat. A medium fry adds another 47g of carbs and 5g of trans fat! That's more than half the carbs I'll eat all this week, in one sparse meal! According to an article I found on eDiets, chicken nuggets are among seven foods to avoid no matter what.
Foods cooked in highly heated oils (most notably partially hydrogenated oil) have been known to cause cancer, weight gain and other serious health risks if ingested regularly. One Extra Crispy Chicken Breast from KFC has around 420 calories and eight grams of saturated fat. So unless you want to super size yourself, it’s best to make a clean break with fried foods.

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