Sunday, January 6, 2008

Doughnut Insanity

I have to admit, doughnuts are really tasty -- they are also really bad for you. Luckily, I've found it really easy to avoid them because our local shop is always crowded when I want to stop there. My dislike of putting up with people always trumps any random craving for fried, sugary dough.

However, upon reading about the 2008 Krispy Kreme Challenge, I wanted to vomit. I'm sure after running 4 miles and eating 1 dozen doughnuts, I would vomit. In fact, I'd get sick just from eatting twelve of them. I applaud the Krispy Kreme company for raising money for the NC Children's Hospital, but I'd much rather that they just donate the money and not inflict twenty-four hundred calories of doughnuts on racers! Here are the nutritional facts in one dozen, straight from their website:
  • 2400 calories
  • 1200 fat calories
  • 144g of fat
  • 36g of saturated fat
  • 48g of trans fat
  • 60mg of Cholesterol
  • 1140mg of sodium
  • 120g of sugar
  • 24g of protein

And if seeing that wasn't bad enough to deter you from eatting twelve doughnuts in one sitting, check out this gem from their FAQ. "We never force anyone to eat a dozen donuts. In fact, anyone who completes the challenge is flat out insane." There you have it, they're sponsoring and promoting an event that they themselves call insane.

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winz0r said...

Thanks for the article about the race. I would like to clarify that the Krispy Kreme company is not affiliated with this race.

You can read about how the race started by clicking the 'Race History' link at the website:

Basically, it was a crazy college dare among friends that was turned into a charity benefit race when it was discovered how excited people were about it. Yes, we do get the donuts from the Krispy Kreme store, but the whole race is organized and executed by college student volunteers.