Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Doughnut Insanity Correction

Sad doughnut
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The other day, I wrote about the Kripsy Kreme Challenge, a race only a nutritional-masochist could love. Thomas Finch, co-chair of the event, was kind enough to send me an e-mail and point out a mistake in my post. Although the doughnuts come from the local Krispy Kreme store, the company does not organize the event. As I noted in my previous post, no one is forced to eat a dozen doughnuts in order to participate.

We don't force anybody to eat the dozen donuts, either. There is a "casual runner" category, which about 40% of our registrants choose. Casual Runners can eat as many or as few donuts as they like, and simply come out for the fun of running and watching the whole spectacle.

I filled out Krispy Kreme's official contact form to ask them for an official statement regarding this event, but they haven't replied yet. Regardless, I wish the participants in the event the best of luck and hope they raise a record amount of money for their charity.

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