Sunday, December 2, 2007

Cheat Day at the Wachovia Center

Yesterday was my cheat day and I spent the evening watching the Flyers game. Things didn't go very well for me or the team.

Although I was excited to eat cheese steak and cookies while drinking a cold beer, my stomach didn't seem to appreciate the sudden glut of refined carbs. Like the Flyers, I spent the second period fighting a losing battle while my stomach waged war on the vile intruders. The third period went better and by the time I got home, I felt fine. I did stop to enjoy a Coffee Coolatta which was exceptionally delicious. I may make that a permanent part of my cheat days.

I wasn't prepared for the dramatic increase in my weight this morning though. I went from 405 to 411 in one day, but I have to imagine that it is a combination of water retention and undigested mass. I did some research today and couldn't find anyone else mentioning a drastic difference due to a cheat day. I'm confident I didn't ingest 21,000 calories yesterday, so most of that weight shouldn't be sticking around.

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