Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ten Years Thin

Eat Fresh
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Remember Jared from Subway? He's the guy who lost nearly 100 pounds in three months eating at Subway. I've read before that the diet he ate was dangerously low calorie, but Jared has been able to keep the weight off for ten years, so he must have found something that works for him. It probably doesn't hurt that he gets big paychecks from Subway as long as he stays their thin spokesman.

I didn't change my eating plan at the beginning of February. I was planning to change to the one supposedly featured in the book The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution but it turns out that the book was only an advertisement for another, The Protein Power Lifeplan. Instead of rushing right out and buying a second book, I just stuck to Atkins. It has only been two extra weeks, but that decision is wearing on me. I miss the rush of starting something new and the motivation that naturally comes with it.

As a result, I've decided to try Jared's plan for the next two weeks -- without forking over all that money to Subway. I picked up hoagie rolls, lunch meat and vegetables from the store tonight. Adding in some baked chips, the meal comes to about 400 calories. Three of those a day will put me at the recommended minimum. We'll see how it goes, and it is only for two weeks. That should be enough to jolt me out of my current plateau and then I'll start something new for March.

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