Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh, really, that's today?

Football fan
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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big sports fan. It is awesome when my local sports team does well, but I can't stand watching the games. I was recently at a Flyers game and after the first thirty seconds, it was boring. If it wasn't for every food related blog I read mentioning party snacks this week, I would have had no idea that today was the big game.

Of all the articles I've read this week, the most interesting one wasn't about party food. Apparently, the number of cardiac emergencies doubles during big, important sporting events and triples just when considering men. The article mentions reducing stress during the game to protect your heart but it also goes so far as to warn off fatty foods during the game.

That point struck me as odd for two reasons. First of all, bad food choices can hurt your heart health, but that quickly? If you eat a bad meal right now, does it raise your risk of heart attack in the next two minutes? Secondly, I would rather recommend people eat healthy, low-carb snacks. How many people will enjoy cola and candy at the game and think they did something good for their health? "I avoided all that fatty guacamole and steak!"

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