Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jaguars are Obligate Carnivores

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On almost every weightloss forum I visit, there are challenges. Most of them seem to center around the Biggest Loser but I have seen others like 25 Pounds by Christmas and things like that. The basic idea is the same -- everyone signs up, weighs in weekly and the winner is whoever loses the most pounds/percentage of pounds. The prize? Well, the praise at the end is nice, but the real prize is better health through team-based motivation.

For the last six weeks, I've been participating in a challenge over on fatsecret called Ride 'em which was cowboy themed. I didn't get into the theme as much as the energetic women on my team, but let me just say that I've never been called "partner" more in my life. All in all, the challenge went really well -- I lost 16 pounds in six weeks, which was short of the challenge goal of 1% per week, but I still did well. Overall, my team came in third place!

Well, the new challenge starts today. Same rules, but the theme is racing or Are you born to be wild?. This time, I'm not only the member of a team, but I'm the leader of one! I volunteered to lead and let me just say that the Green Jaguars are going to kick butts and take names. Every few days, I'm supposed to send motivational notes and articles to my team while commenting on their journals to help them along.

How can I lose motivation when I'm responsible for motivating other people? I can do this, it will be awesome. 6% in six weeks wound leave me roughly twenty-four pounds lighter by St. Patrick's Day. That seems like the perfect reason to celebrate with an Irish Carbomb.

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