Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Canned Salmon Sucks

Soy Salmon Donburi
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One thing that I learned from my original eating plan is that eating the same meals over and over again makes it easy to stick to my diet. Eggs for breakfast, meat and broccoli for lunch and a big salad with tuna and cheese for dinner. It isn't hard to stick to and it isn't hard to prepare. But I did want to change it up a little, just.. well, just because.

Remembering that salmon is one of the foods that is recommended for good health, I stopped at the store and picked up a can of it tonight. I was expecting it to be just like a can of tuna but pinker. What I got was two hunks of fish, complete with skin and spine. Before you wonder, I didn't get a store brand -- I got the same brand as I do tuna.

I powered through though and removed the undesirable bits before adding it to my salad. I ate it but I've firmly decided that I'd rather get my omega-3 fatty acids from olive oil instead of canned salmon.


Nicole said...

Bumble Bee has a skinless and boneless canned Atlantic salmon. If your store has it, it's tastes pretty good and no work picking out those bones. ick!

Jon said...

Hey! Thanks for the heads up. Does the can actually say skinless or boneless on it? The one that I got didn't warn about either of those things.

Nicole said...

Yep, it's clearly label.