Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best to Be Skinny to Exercise

life's dirty little secret
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A few of my coworkers went to a pick up game of basketball last night and their tales made for a very humorous lunch hour. Aside from the one guy who plays regularly, everyone else quickly found out just how out of shape they are. They said that by the end of the night, they were just wandering from one end of the court to the other, trying to keep up with the ball. I proudly was able to say that I saved myself from humiliation by not going -- that I know that I am out of shape.

And thus, the weight loss paradox. I know good and well that if I went and played basketball for a few hours, I would have burned more calories. But besides humiliation, I also risked injury and utter exhaustion. Apparently, fat rats have the same outlook on exercise that I do -- they phone it in every once in awhile, but they leave the real work to the skinny mice. Recent research found that as weight goes down, the motivation to run goes up, as does the rewards of running.

But still, I know I have to exercise. I haven't tried jumping rope again because the only real place to do it is outside and people might see. The same excuse has explained why I'm not doing the shovelglove or hula hooping. I guess for the time being, I'm regulated to walking and the treadmill -- hopefully my motivation will go up as my diet takes care of some of my extra baggage.

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