Monday, December 17, 2007

Super Size This!

fast food is the best!
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If you were like me, you watched the movie Super Size Me and wondered why the star never ordered any of the healthy things that McDonalds offers. Sure, the healthy choices may not dominate their menu, but that applies to grocery stores as well. Where ever you go to buy your food, you have to make smart decisions.

Fat Head, an upcoming documentary by comedian Tom Naughton, focuses on taking the wind out of the blame-Mcdonalds sails. For four weeks, Tom ate fast food and lost weight! And before you ask -- it wasn't all salads. He had a Triple Whopper w/ Cheese from Burger King, a Steak Enchirito at Taco Bell and egg McMuffins from Mcdonalds mixed in with his healthy choices.

I poked around for a bit and couldn't find a release date for the film which includes humorous animations and interviews with doctors, nutritionists and political scientists. Even the official press release only says 2008, so all I can say is stay tuned!

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