Saturday, January 19, 2008

One Down, Twenty Three to Go

Wide leather belt
Originally uploaded by Leather Art Studio
I don't know if this is normal for over weight men, but my belt has two "modes" as I like to call them. One is where I normally wear it and the other is "super carrying mode" which is tighter than regular and helps hold my pants up when I have to carry something. My wife often teases me about this, but the simple truth is that if I tighten my belt to the point where it can hold my pants up, it is uncomfortable while sitting. Just the way my stomach folds when I'm sitting makes it uncomfortable.

When I bought my current belt, I had to get the biggest one the Big-and-Tall store had and, at first, I wore it on the very last hole. Now after losing 25 pounds, I can comfortably wear it on the second to last hole instead. The holes seem about an inch apart, so I figure that means my waist is 59 inches now -- 26 inches from my goal. I do have a real tape measure somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.

The bad news is that when I need to carry something, I now pull the belt tight enough that I'm using the very last hole. Because of the style of belt, I won't be able to punch my own holes in it. More weight loss means I'll need a new, smaller belt. Oh, I guess that really isn't bad news at all.

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