Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Not on a Diet, I'm Living!

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The best weightloss advice has always been to make permanent dietary changes as opposed to making radical changes to lose weight quickly. The guys over at Fat 2 Fit Radio recommend eating like the person you want to become -- if you want to weigh 185lbs., eat like a person who weighs 185lbs. If your diet requires you to only eat apples, then the first time friends want to have a birthday party at the local dive, you won't be able to go -- or you'll eat something that isn't an apple.

It seems like the big diet brands have gotten the memo -- people need a lifestyle, not a diet. Well, sort of. I haven't seen that they've made any changes to their programs, other than to the name. Both the South Beach products made by Kraft and Weight Watchers changed from diets to a lifestyle in 2008.

Personally, I don't think either of those programs are a real lifestyle changes but if they work for someone and they can stick to them, then more power to them. It really just seems that the big companies are trying to pick up the language of the people to remain hip and trendy. After all, they have to compete with the deluge of new diets that come out each year just in time for New Years resolutions.

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