Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Can't Jump Rope

BIG Ball Of Rope
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Today I was out for lunch and saw that there was a sporting goods store in the same strip mall, so I stopped in and picked up a jump rope. I got the cheapest one to start off with since I didn't know if I could actually jump rope. As it turns out, I can't. That doesn't mean I'll give up, but it is going to take some practice.

I decided to look around for some tips on jumping rope and the most common one seems to be regarding the height of the jump.
Don't jump too high off of the ground. I find this to be the single-most problematic part for people who try jumping rope for the first time. The key is to get a nice bounce off the balls of your feet, probably no more than a few inches off the ground.
I have to find a good place to jump at since it seems like concrete and asphalt aren't good surfaces for jumping rope. We have low-nap carpetting but the ceilings definately aren't high enough for me to do it inside.

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