Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back on Track

Mt Vernon Track, Winter
Originally uploaded by Joe in MV
I need to say two things before getting to the meat and potatoes of this post:
  1. I'm sorry that it's been nearly a week since I posted.
  2. Thank you to Nik and Dan from 4 Feet Running for getting me back on track.
Since I baked my oatmeal bacon cookies back before Christmas, my weight has been steadily going up. It's no mystery why -- I was enjoying things like cookies, marshmallow salad and cheesecake. The further I got off my eating plan during the holidays, the less accountable I wanted to be. This included not updating my blog, food journal and exercise tracker. In fact, I was about ready to log in to Blogger and hit the delete button on this blog until just a few minutes ago.

I'm looking to get new shoes for walking and I remembered the guys at 4 Feet Running talking about getting fitted for shoes. I hopped over to their site to see if they had any information on the topic and lo and behold, there was a link to my blog! I had no idea that anyone even knew about my ramblings. But for some reason, the little gesture of someone linking to my blog has inspired me to get back on track.

I'll be posting more soon about my plans for January, but I'm not going to wait until the 1st to start eating right again. I have chicken and broccoli meals in the freezer now, ready to be microwaved and eaten in about five minutes.

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